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Not seeing enough activity in the network audio section so I am re-posing this here...  

Here is a question for the network player experts here:

I visited a dear old colleage recently and found his Cambridge Audio Azur 651 based system to be quite capable - surprisingly transparent, punchy, taught  yet articulate bottom end and reasonably fast

Did anyone here make it to the Cranage Hall Audio Show last weekend? Some great gear and very well attended.

Im a bit dissapointed really that  the top end dac award has gone to Naim, I have heard this dac and didn't feel it was in the Nad M51 league. In contrast, the Mdac has retained its position. 

I wanted to start a thread to collate your experiences running DAC directly to Power amp with no preamp. 



I am contemplating getting an outboard dac as an upgrade to the in-built dac in my logitech transporter. Here is my shortlist. Would be great to hear howt they compare ?