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This week i've mostly been trying to watch tinker tailor on blu ray, but my player tells me the disc is unrecognized

I've been back to ASDA for another copy, same problem...

Ordered my copy of the SACD for wish you were here and am hanging on in quiet desparation for its arrival.


My Ipod's headphones seem to have lost all their bass response, any ideas why? I'm going to buy replacements but i'd like to avoid having them go the same way.

Has anyone bought the US import discs they sell on Amazon, and well do they Play on UK Machines?

(my player is a sony bdps-550, if that's relevent?)

I just bought q acoustic 1010i's and a sony 2400es but didnt notice the speakers are 6 ohm and the amp 8 ohm ............have i screwed up? will they explode ?

Just watched Highlander in blu ray, the HD was great but not very forgiving, you can clearly see the wire that Christopher Lambert is hoisted up on....the downside of HD perhaps?

I had one the other day and he was brilliant!

Will you be Boldy going to the cinema or waiting for the DVD/Blu Ray?

Great film but the silliest DVD set i've ever had instead of putting the film on one disc and the extras in another you get half the film on one and half the film on the other, with extras split ov

If your a Sabbath fan your going to want to buy the deluxe edition of Paranoid out now!

Disc two is a DVD with a DTS version of a Quad mix from 1974 - it'll blow your mind man!