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My dad had 500 vinyl albums he wants to convert to cd .what is the best vinyl to cd converter all in one device for under £400.

Updated the oppo 103 last week .since then I've had 10'or more Blu ray taking a heck of a time to load?

these new oppo headphones are getting awesome reviews and having just purchased the p7s a few months ago I'm really getting into the whole headphone thing.

I'm a massive movie fan but I've tried and tried to get into blade runner and simply can't .dont know if it's the wooden acting or the fact I find it so damn boring.

Pretend your explaining it to a small child with learning difficulties BUT said child has every I-device known to man.

got to get pics of this ZT up.

I am 8-9 feet from 60 inches and I would still like to go bigger .im movies movies movies so if I could wave a magic wand I think a 75-80 4k OLED at 8-9 feet would be just perfect.

Your opinion on the tv even tho you have very little or no content ? And upscaled 1080p etc

Just watched the Star Wars trilogy after all this new episode 7! News.

I've taken the 1080p image as far as I can with my tv and Blu ray player .i doubt there is a finer hd image on the planet apart from 4k etc I don't say this to beat on my chest but I find the whole

I get the impression that many of us myself included are very happy with Blu ray some of the films and tv shows look quite simply phenomenal .now throw into the mix calibrated screens and 5.1 - 11.