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Yeah not 100% certain yet, but I feel I`ve gotten alot more necessary background information in order to make a decision . Thank you all for your feedback and great advice!    

I agree, the NADs got som serious bass under their hoods. I went to the lokal Hifi store today and tested both the NAD C136bee and Denon 720ae with the Dali Zensor 3s, and I noticed the much deeper...

True. If you should recomend either the Denon 720AE or the Rotel, which one? In terms of soundimage/landscaping

hmm seems like a good alternative as welll, but one of the most expencive of the mentioned (here in Norway anyways) 

You are probably right, the rotel should have no problem driving the dalis. Also I can only test the Denon and Nad amps, seeing as this shop dosen`t sell the Rotel amp. I must say the cheaper,...

Does someone have any thoughts regarding the Harman/Kardon HK 980 amp? 

Yeah it seems to be a really good amp, I see it has been heavily awarded too. I`m sorta wobbeling between the Rotel and the Denon and even though the Rotel is a litle more expensive, its more...

Thank you, and yes I have been considering especially the Nad C326bee or the Denon PMA-720ae. The Pioner A-30 is also interesitng and its also the cheapest 

Thank  you for the feedback! Sounds very promising, I can´t wait