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I just bought an old Denon DM30 micro system for my son's bedroom on eBay.

Unfortunately there is no manual and all the links I have tried online for a pdf manual have been no good.

I have a basic Virgin TV setup.

I have a basic subscription with Virgin (not HD) and a stone age Pace cable box (ex-NTL). This box is so old it does not have any audio outputs (no rca phonos or toslink).

I have just bought a Revo Pico radio but it only comes with a telescopic aerial and no socket for an external rooftop aerial.

I have a Pure Tempus DAB Radio Clock alarm. For the last few years I have been Waking up to Wogan on BBC Radio Two.

I installed Spotify yesterday (free version) and I am very pleased with it.

I was thinking of getting one of these V-Dacs as I can get it for £129 delivered from Acton Gate Audio.