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Hi people, yes, I still alive Wink


Tom Evans Audio Design: Mastergroove

A day with Cessaro Affascinate

Hi guys

I need a program that will record whatever playing from soundcard,ie record sound clip from internet stream.

As title said, in America do they go by Miles or Kilometre?



We welcome one of the best team in the world.

Same result as the last visit would be nice.

We normally have a few profesional singers let their hair down (or up!) in the pub every December and this year I will need a new mic to replace Shure 58 mic to something better.  Any suggestion pl

Can anyone please tell me what is the name of this song on old spice advert?


many thx



On my wine list there is one that doesn't seem to sell, it's a Tempranillo grand reserva from Spain.  I think the wine (2002 vintage) is very smooth, cherry on the nose with well balanced vanilla o