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I am oscillating between these two and can't decide (can't listen either) but they're available in a big online store in my country ( with warranty and all advantages - lower shipping fees) .The he

I have these variants to amplify AKG K612 ( wich are said picky to amplifier and dac ; 120 ohm) What do you think ? Or some other choices?

...what is your experiece about it? I have a 4.1.1 tablet and don't know if it supports usb audio out , I'd need it for an external dac( fiio ). 

Hello, again! 

I restricted somehow my research to some good offers that I spotted . More or less the same price , around 100-110 GBP :

AKG K551 32 Ohm

Sennheiser HD 598 50 Ohm

Is there some importance abot the impedance value if I want to use a headphone on a laptop/tablet ?  Would that affect the performance ?

Dipped a toe in music streaming and liked it.

...Hello!  Again!

In fact I am not quite shure if this is the right section of the forum , but ,anyway :

How good is it ? I am also curious if its 50 pf load isn't a bit too small ? 

I am curious how does it performs against other stages in the price range ( creek obh-15 mk2 for example ).

I found various info about the YBA amps but some are not very clear about the Integre alpha  and Integre DT (with a silver badge on the front plate ) .What's teh difference ?