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i am looking for a portable bluetooth speaker for use at a dance/fitness class

it doesnt need to be really loud however a bit of volume is needed

I need a portable music system for a dance class

it needs to be small enough to fit in a suitcase-no more than 25cm deep

enough power for 30 people singing and dancing over music

HI all

am looking for some speakers that have an excellent sound when played at lower levels

I currently have MS Aviano 1 speakers which i do like the sound of...however....i feel there is a lack of bass in the sound

it might be down to my technics amplifier but im not sure

I listen to pop music generally and I feel my speakers lack a deep bass. I have mordant short aviano 1. My thoughts were wharfedale sw150, powercube 250.

Any other suggestions under 300?


I have Mordaunt short Aviano 1's which i like alot

am looking for an amplifier upgrade and here are my choices:

Marantz PM6004

Marantz PM6005


hi all

am looking to upgrade my old technics fm tuner to something better sounding

what are the best amps for under £250 to go with MS Aviano 1

i currently have a technics su x320, would there be a noticeable improvement over this amp

Hi all

I currently have the mordaunt short aviano 1 speakers paired up with an old technics su x320 amplifier