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I tried out the beta and was pretty taken with it. Been a long while since I've played an MMO, but have been enjoying it thus far. And just like everything Final Fantasy, it looks stunning.

Anyone else had a chance to play this yet? I've been really impressed. Graphically it looks incredible, story wise it's been quite good thus far.

Bloody hell, what a day! Went head over turkey on my way into work, no recollection of either it or the people who helped me out.

Our endless numbered days, spinning right now on my turntable. It's been a while since I listened to a record, and by golly, what a nice sounding one to hear to get back into it!

As it sounds, will be in UK for the month of May, wondering if there are any other audio shows happening.

Been watching the news over here in Australia, and thoughts go out to anyone affected over there by this wild weather. Keep safe and hope it starts to get better.

I've finally got into Call of Duty multiplayer, but also just downloaded Outlast from the PSN. Horrifying stuff!

I'm not a huge fan of soundbar's, but have accepted that they have their place in the market. Now we have Soundbase's, really?

I'm hoping to find a pair of Tannoy DC8's under there, though it's looking pretty unlikely  :pray:

Just got news that all Samsung Plasma tv's are to be cleared. Reminiscent of the old Toshiba HD DVD players when news broke about them pulling out. Is this the final nail in the coffin for plasma?