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listening them at my local dealer today...first impression, they're bass shy...bass sounded weak and dull...average soundstage, especially in the height department...general feeling of a light char

i noticed this dac couple of months ago, and i cant belive there is almost nothing about it in the hifi press?

at the moment i'm using small netbook as my music source who goes into cambridge dac100, all my music is on the nas...my main audio player is foobar + asio...and all is well until some friend of mi

is it possible? i would like to connect some bluray player directly into hifi ( tv is in another room) to work headless as the network player...what are the chances for such configuration to work?

as part of my summer setup i'm listening instead of a tube amp yamaha as-500 amp with vienna acoustic haydn grand speakers.

i m on the verge of a nervous breakdown...i decided to go all digital and couple of weeks ago bought qnap nas thinking about making things simpler...boy..it is slow as hell.