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I am wondering which would be a better amp for my Monitor Audio BX2 speakers.


I purchased the Marantz PM6003 integrated amp a few years ago. I am thinking of buying the new PM6005 amp. Would this be an upgrade. Is the sound quality any better?




Currently I am using an Onkyo TX-8255 receiver with Monitor Audio BX-2 speakers.


Hi has anyone used the onkyo TX 8255 receiver before.
If you have could you give me a review of the product.




I currently own the marantz PM6003 amp which I partner with MA BX2 speakers.

I own a pair of MA BX2. I am thinking of upgrading my amp from marantz PM6003 to a rotel RA-1520.


I have a pair of MS 902i speakers. Which amp is a better match for this speaker, Marantz PM 6003 or Rotel RA-04SE

Hi I own a PM4001 . Am thinking of replacing it with the new PM6003.