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The recent award winning Kef LS50 is getting rave reviews which has got me considering a possible 5.1 AV package upgrade but more interestingly this package is at the same price point as the Monito

I currently have the Sony STR2400ES but feel im not getting the best out of my speakers,any suggetions for a suitable upgrade?

My 6 year old curious nephew decided to push in both woofer cones with his fingers !

I need some advise on what should be the best crossover frequency settings to get the most out of my speakers, the amp is set at 120hz. I have all speakers set to small.

Im about to hook up these speakers to a Sony STRDA2400ES receiver,but not sure what speaker cables would be best, im intrested in QED SILVER ANNIVERSARY XT, or the  XT Evolution, which one of these