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With all the miniturisation going on lately (class D amps, USB stick sized dacs) it would seem a logical step to make.

How hard can it be?

As I like to read personal reviews I will add my own on the playmaker.

What it is,  is a streamer and pre-amplifier in one. 

Hi there,

As a second system I'm the proud owner of a Zeppelin air. It's a great peace of kit for casual listening through either airplay or ipod.

Reading this, I just wondered: is it reasonable to assume that high end streamer techology and expertise will 'trickle down' t

What is your experience? Pls share

Just watched the first episodes of season 2 and wanted to share my first impressions.

Pro: tng looks better then ever before. Sound is clear and especially great in master dts hd.

Hi Guys,


Need your experience here.

I just moved to a new house andgot offered some mordaunt short perf 6 at a very good price.

After some post not too long ago on this forum, about upgrading the RDac power supply, with a 100 quid replacement, I became curious as to what other specifications this upgrade had.

Sometimes when I read posts from forum members it seems to me they don't have a good idea of the major differences in presentation between certain brands.