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Is it proper for B&W speakers? Does it match 802D(or 804D) in a room of 5*6 ? 

Is N/S ratio the key factor for an amp?

Thanks! I have been looking for the proper amp for 802D. The dealer also recommends Diablo. So far, I have only heard 802D driven by Pass, Mclntosh and Gryphon. I think I love sounding of Gryphon...

I think high-end means over 95% audiophiles agree the speaker can produce more than 95% of the real sound. 

The day before yesterday, I went to demo the BeoLab 5. The sounding is natural and clear. I think it is excellent for movies rather than Hifi. Every product is an art. I was impressed by its design. 

Has anybody used Bladelius Embla DL as source?

How do you rip your CDs to FLAC please? 

I wonder if CD will be outdated in the near future? PC-Hifi era is coming?

So far, I have not heard any more amps. I think I prefer B&Ws driven by Gryphon amps. By the way, what do you think of BeoLab 9? How does it compare with 802D? Given time, I will go to hear...

I have a question: would CD player be the Past? I was told that PC-Hifi or something else would take over CD Player? In Europe, some CD-Player manufacturers have stopped developing CD Players. Do...