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Dear Friends,

This is Sumit from Kolkata, India.

My system is as follows:-

Dear Friends,

This is Sumit from India.

I am having a Rega RP1 and the preamp is CA551P.


Namste from India.

In our country, I can get Denon & Lenco as turntable?

Which should I buy??


This is Sumit from India.

Can you provide me some suggestions.... How to give MP3s a Good Audiophile Quality??

Curious ....  :? :? :? :? :?


If I convert MP3 files to PCM format to make a Audio CD, will the sound quality improve?? or it will reproduce the same as MP3..

Please suggest...

Sumit. :type:

Hi Guys!


My system is as follows:-

CD Player :- Marantz CD6004.

Amplifier :- Cambridge Audio Azur 650A.


Really confused to see the teach specs of both Marantz CD5004 and CD6004 CD players.

Is there any difference???? Except the USB connectivity????

This is Sumit from INDIA.

I am having CAMBRIDGE AUDIO AZUR 650A as amplifier.

I have choosen CAMBRIDGE AUDIO 650C as CD player and MARANTZ CD6004.

Which ONE should I buy???