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 I recently bought Samsung UE37ES5500 this model suits your price range but you dont get any kind of 3D,freesat HD capability....

I  clicked the 6 by mistake. Anyway my budget would be £600. What i'm looking for is a good clear motion rate i watch alot of sports so that would be a must.  As long as i'm getting fantastic...

Hi guys On the hunt for a new t.v for my bedroom i need suggestions on a really good led t.v. My main focus is 1920 x 1080 full hd, good color,contrast, motion.

Thanks for that link. I was 90% certain i was going for the EH5000. My local store have even reduced the price by 100 Euro & i still left the store without the EH5000. My only problem was the...

Hi Sollie   Just after reading your link thanks for your info, gives me lots to think about!

No i don't have a sound system at the moment it's something else i'm looking into, thanks for your advice on the blu ray players i will look into them and let you know what i choose (-:

Samsung PS-42S5SD has a few small plasma flaws but nothing major,42S5SD can handle 1080i picture but the panel resolution is merely 852 x 480