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I would be very grateful for 5.1 sub sat recommendations to partner a Naim n-Vi I have no local options for demos unfortunately.

I have been very happy with my Arcam Solo Movie all in one Amp/DVD/DAB/DAC but when the DVD tray stopped opening I thought the obvious thing to do was instead of paying money to get the dvd tray me

:wall: Is there a Apple Lightning dock to link audio to a proper hifi.

As the subject says: what are the very best in-ear headphones that with control and mic for Samsung galaxy note 2 ? Thanks Stuart 

I'm interested in buying some X300A speakers but am nowhere near a place to demo.

Hate Naim - so which stereo amp with Kef R100 ? I've currently got an Arcam Solo Movie 2.1 receiver but I don't use a sub so just using standard stereo aka 2.0 with a pair of I Kef R100 speakers.

:quest: Are KEF X300A simply active versions of Kef R100 speakers ? Apart from the obvious use a PC speakers via USB what will people end up using them for in addition? 

:quest: What exactly can the Arcam Songbook iPhone and iPad app actually do ?