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Could I politely ask staff to contact Panasonic about issues several forum members have experienced with the company's plasma televisions?

Bent or straight, the choice is yours, possibly...

I updated my fat 40GB PS3's firmware last night, after which the console won't switch on.

I simply need a universal remote that's well built; doesn't look or feel tacky; doesn't require an engineering PhD to set up and operate; and isn't prohibitively expensive.

Festival after festival, year after year, Primal Scream appear, as if from nowhere. Everyone gets excited. I'm not sure why.

Thought I'd start a thread devoted to the Championships 2013, as a place for predictions, analysis, and general Wimbledon chit-chat.

Hi all,

I'm debating a CA 651 purchase, but it'd be good to get some feedback from owners.

Having recently got my VT65 professionally calibrated, and posted about how delighted I am with the results, it's probably clear where I stand on this issue.

It occurred to me, with all the replacing and recycling of HT components I've done of late, that I've stuck with the same speakers for 17 years.

Ben in particular was interested, so I thought I'd explain where I'm at.