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I know the Bikeradar "girls in lycra" thread runs into several hundred, perhaps unsurprsing given the subject matter, and also because of the number and size of images posted per page pushes it up,

I use my S3 a lot, probably more so than my domestic hi fi system, including in the car since I subscribe to Spotify premium.

There's lots on ebay, some purporting to transform it into a world beater. I take that with a whole cellar full of salt, but do they really make £200 worth of improvement?

Bought a pair of HF3 on a whim at Heathrow recently, and whilst they are deeply impressive, even when sealed correctly they are a bit lacking in low down grunt.

I'd be interested to hear other people's view.

Just me, or does the Caspian system photo on the front cover of the Jan issue look like a Frog on the sauce? Are they Tannoy's behind it?

So, Angus and Malcolm, when are you gonna join then?



Only went in for last minute xmas pressies, and came out with one of these with the "free" soundbar, plus a pana 220 BDP.


Has anyone got some optimum custom settings I can use?