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I am going to have 3 x HDMI inputs (BT You View, satellite receiver & Blue Ray player) & 2 x TVs, both some distance from the sources. each TV is in a different room.

Has the Arcam been replaced by the NAD? Both seem to have 24-bit/192kHz through the USB connections, as does the Rega. Is the Rega dated now? I think that the Audiolab M-DAC is out of my range.

Time for a new 22" - 24" TV for the kitchen.

I am about to buy 2 new TVs: a Samsung UE46F8000 & a Samsung UE22F400 or 4010 one for the living room & one for the kitchen.

Having decided to buy a new Sonos sound bar & sub-woofer (but not yet actually bought them) I have now read the review of the Yamaha YSP-1400 in May's magazine.

I feel a bit of an idiot!

If my equipment is to survive intact (& it's a big if), I need to address the cables. So far as the speakers are concerned, I intend to have short speaker cables from the power amps.

This is yet another area which has moved on leaps & bounds in recent times.

We watch terrestrial TV & satellite TV (English, German & Italian - from 3 satellites, requiring 3 LNBs all set up & working on our dish) all on our one TV.

I read the review on the new BenQ W1200 with interest. It did not say whether it was 3D or just 2D?