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If you ever manage to get an engineer to look at it let us know!  I've emailed panasonic customer services twice now but had no reply (wasn't expecting one to be honest).  The TV is still in its 5...

Hi Mate, thanks for your reply.  My tv is quite old now. relatively (about 5 years) and I cant update it (as far as I am aware, I always thought to update the tv firmware you have to actively...

Anyone? Any ideas at all would be appreciated!

Hi, thanks for your reply,  I've already tried that and then resetting all the hdmi connections as it desribes in the manual.  Still nothing.

Hi everyone,I hope someone with experience with Panasonic tv’s can help with an unusual problem that has arisen concerning the viera link function in my system. I have a Panasonic TX32LXD70 and a...

thank you for letting me know