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Just had this on demo over the weekend, the MM/MC version. Crikey I have a new LP collection. My Analogue front end is now all valve and boy does it sound beautiful.

they should have DAC outputs on this then bring it to the UK market - reckon they would sell loads!


Got one home for the weekend, I have demoed one before with the Elciit R, but now got one running with a High Output Micro Benz Ace through my valve amp.

Anyone have any info on the mastering? 

'remastered from orignal recording' - god knows what that means, wish they would do a good as job on it as they have on Division Bell reissue!

£14 in Sainsbury - any body used them?

My hifi has moved to a diffrent room, my concrete floor is really uneven which is making experimetation with position, toe-in etc a ball ache.

over on AV Forums re: stylus


Been hearing that the reissue has the full length tracks that were cut to fit on the original LP in particular Why Worry?

Can anybody confirm this? Whats the SQ like?


Do you live near Andover, Hants


Anybody going?

I fancy it as its only 30-40 mins from me!


Well I have sucumbed to temptaion........managed to get one on home demo.

Just plugged it in - gonna give it an hour, shower, dinner and let the fun begin!