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I'm not saying that all DAC's will sound identical because they don't. Although IME the vast majority of them have such low destortion that they are audibly transparent and do sound identical.

It's an eight part documentary by The Foo Fighters about musical heritage and culture in America. I've just watched episode five. It's really interesting.

We've got a club for everything else on this forum. So...

After a long time saving and lots of overtime at work I've recently spent almost £2000 on a new hifi and head-fi systems (some of it was brand new and some was second hand).

I know that you're a fan of 65daysofstatic. I've just played Audiosurf for the first time in a few years and discovered that this bands music makes the most intense tracks ever.

When auditioning different speakers I listen to a range of different types of music to hear how they sound (obviously). I also find it very useful to play a sine wave sweep too.

Has anyone tried it?

Any thoughts on how well it works?

They're totally separate things which people often confuse as being the same thing on forums.

Does anybody know where I can buy some yellow Soundmagic E10 earphones?

Whenever I try to edit an existing post it triggers the spam filter. Sad