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No dealer demos cartridges any more and I'd been thinking of posting something like "is their actually a concensus you can't go wrong with an Orton 2M Red?" when I read this here "if you had done a

Hi, looks cheap enough and gets around my having more files on my PC than I can fit on my iPod Classic (docked in a PURE iDock) BUT, this is limited to the 16bit and I have some 24bit files, anyone

My aged and beloved Musical Fidelity E10 finally giving up the ghost, I’m based in a pretty and pretty remote rural area so can’t easily get it fixed and even if I could it’s prob

My otherwise wonderful Musical Fidelity E10 has gone wiggy on one channel of the phono stage, so I'm in the market for a Phono stage and skint.

Hi, I have an aging Audio Technica AT95E in a Rega RB250 arm on an early PT turntable, it's due at the very least for a new stylus but I'm considering replacing the whole cartridge, I don't want to