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Should I hate myself for liking using the 'loudness' button on my amp?

Quick question I hope someone can help with.  Years ago I first ventured into home cinema with an entry level onkyo system that included a basic onkyo speaker package and passive sub.

Now I know myself that this is a silly question but I'll ask it out of interest.


Hope someone can help.

Bit late, and sorry if someone has already posted this:

Was very very lucky to be invited to attend the What HiFI / Dolby demonstration night of the new Dolby Atmos system at Dolby HQ in London last night.

I was thinking of upgrading my cd player (a 18 year old pioneer pd-104 I inherited from my dad) and I saw on RS a pioneer PD10 SACD that looked pretty nice but I cant find any reviews or much opini

Hi, hope someone can help me...