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My old Fiio E5 has given up the ghost so am looking for a new portable headphone amp to go with my Goldring NS1000.  Obvious choice would be the E6 but interested to hear if anyone has experience w

I am in the process of rearranging living room to incorporate a log burner, due to size of room, 9x5, it going to be a pretty sturdy burner.

I was wondering what the thoughts on differing length speaker cable in a system was?  In my new property it is likely that I will need to run a long length around the perimeter of the room to get s

I have finally taken the leap from an old Sony Wega 32" to a new Samsung UE40ES.

Currently have NAS hardwired to router and SQB Touch picking up the data over wifi, when i move house I plan to have this set up (although this time hardwired Touch to NAS) in the main room but wan

Not wishing to put a potential hex on my house buying, but I today had an offer accepted on a property with a pretty substantial front room/kitchen, 45sqm in fact, and of course my instant thought

I have some money to purchase some new hifi, a pleasant thought at any point, however deciding what to get it proving a bit of a dilemma. 

Hypotheticlaly speaking, if i was a lazy lazy person who had approximately 11000 songs on Itunes in various degress of quality, 128 mp3 through to some lossless, the majority in AAC ItunesPlus, who