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I read with great interest your news release on Sony's hi-res audio
product releases. However after discovering Cinavia in their Blu-Ray

I've read many a what hifi blu ray player review round up, but no mention of the horrible
 Cinavia protection technology! :-o I think readers need to be informed of this obscenity

Has anyone upgraded from previous BDP-S790??? Is there much performance difference? What of this new hi-res audio?


Panasonic in US price-fixing guilty plea   <- this the headline on BBC News


Before Comet departed a salesman showed me their Evolution series from Samsung's 2012 line.
There was a space in the back where the customer could plug in an upgrade when available.

I recently found that Panasonic Viera TV has its own Facebook page - staffed by a diligent team

When will What Hifi be reviewing the new reference Marantz separates??

London 2012 was such a joyous landmark event in Olympic history and wonderfully
uncluttered by sponsors logos.

I purchased a basic smartphone thinking that at least some of the smart features would
actually work.

WRONG!! :wall:

It's long overdue that What Hifi produced balanced coverage of products and
featured customer complaints. It's extremely galling for many aggrieved Panasonic