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On thread after thread, I have noticed that when people are discussing whether a speaker is appropriate for a certain amp, the subject of sensitivity often comes up.

I propose that we maintain a topic devoted to ridiculous and/or stupid things gleaned from the AVI website. Of course, AVI is a great company, but not all great companies have great websites.

Sunday night I took my 8 year-old daughter to see Maroon 5 (her Christmas present).

A few weeks before Christmas, I got my hands on a brand-new pair of Roth OLi RA2 speakers.

In a post on another thread, I referred to 'near all-time low WAF.' I just wanted to explain my use of the word 'near,' as I believe I have discovered the true all-time low WAF:

I was just perusing the Audio Affair site and I saw that there is a major change to the ProAc Reponse range coming. Funny thing is, there is no mention of it on the ProAc site.

I have now been reading this forum for about two years and posting, erratically, for about a year. For the most part I have enjoyed it, and I've become a big admirer of WHF as well.

What do you think, gents? A simple tweak that can take your system to another level: