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Try a Naim/Neat combination. Plays all genres right, and is very entertaining.

What also could help to solve problems with the bass is using a subwoofer. I wasn't (and in many ways am still not) a big fan of subwoofers, but decided to experiment with one anyway. It was in a...

last post was meant for isac69. Sorry, I'm kinda new here

These are very good products, but in his system they would be 'to much'. He is better of if he upgrade's his amp or speakers

Definitily buy yourself a DAC, but I would't spend to much on one. The HRT streamer will do fine, as long as you don't need other inputs. Dom make sure to use the right software - and plugin(s)....

Hmm, I must say that I am getting more and more interested in these little wonders. Haven't had a change to demo them yet, but I will do so soon. A question that's on my mind when I read al the...