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Anyone some info on the upcoming class D amp from Cyrus?

As mentioned by a few of you my new PMC's would force me to update the amp. So here we go: I really need your advise.


Now that I have my new speakers properly burnt in (they are *awesome*) the next challenge is going to be a new amp. 

So today the dealer was so friendly enough to take a 2hr drive and install a set of PMC 23's at my home.

Today I went to listen to a pair of PMC 23. They were (amongst a few others) on my list as I think 'it's time' to get new speakers.



Went to a concert of Nine Inch Nails this week. Iv'e got a love/hate relationship with their albums: it often just don't' 'stick' with me.

Just reading some reviews on the new evolution stuff from Creek Audio (both the 50A and 50CD).

As Creek is not something you see very often in the Netherlands I read it with interest.

Now my Mission's are heading towards their 20 years anniversatiy I'm (slowly) looking into other speakers.