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MyAV app is very good. Controls my whole setup now, even my old Pioneer 508 plasma.

Have you got an Android tablet as MyAV list both of these as being compatiable. It works with my onkyo amp and oppo bluray :rockout:

Best to get a box that splits/duplicates the HDMI output and then run a long HDMI cable to upstairs. Scart is awful and then sending it via RF is going to be more awful.Control wise, if you get...

Through looking at the instructions/compatibility  and their site I realised that by plugging my Oppo bluray into the router I can control that too!   So that's Onkyo, Sky an Oppo. Now if I get a...

meestabarrista wrote: ...

Silly me! :help: I've found it on the Android store, I'll give it a tickle tonight.

Does it do Onkyo? What's landscape by default? Me thinks of fields and the sky. 

I've just got my hands on a Samsung Android tablet and I am looking for an alternative app to the official Onkyo one for my 818. The Onkyo app doesn't display the right way around, does anyone know...

They've got them at AV LAND too as I saw a review of them on YouTube:http://youtu.be/eHxJHuheWxA Are What Hi-Fi going to review these?