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Looks like there might be some bargains here in instruments, amps, speakers, mixers, PA equipment, lighting and all that stuff. Or you could buy a shipping container or a forklift!

Not much Atmos this afternoon...  Wink

We haven't even got to the first England game, apparently, and already there seems to be complete media overkill: even got a free copy of the Sun poked through the letterbox yesterday morning (whic

EDITED – I mean, just EDITED  :cry:


Be careful – don't you know who I am?

Do you live near Betelgeuse?

(Well, since the forum seems to be turning into a bromance site, thought I'd give it a go)

See the spam filters are working well again this morning chaps: surely there must be something you can do, even if it's contacting the chap in India and asking him to cast an anti-b*ll*cks-posting

Don't usually hold with these hand-wringing RIP threads, but worth noting the passing of a true musical legend:

When you've got a spare moment, can we have have a news story listing the Top 10 Top 10s of 2013 for Black Friday Christmas 2013?