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RodhasGibson wrote: Spiny,Just look forward till next week Can hardly wait: this is (almost) the funniest thing on the interweb.

bigboss wrote: You confuse me immensely gel. I thought you didn't like the picture on your Panasonic OLED. That was last week.

You could use something like this, which will split out stereo analogue audio from the HDMI connection between the PS4 and the TV. You can then connect its L/R audio outputs to an input on your amp.

anderc02 wrote: I have tried to connect the iPod classic to mojo via a 3.5mm to 3.5mm headphone jack (fio 16)Also tried Russ Andrews 30 pin to 3.5 MM. Jack ; that worked with my previous ibasso amp...

gel wrote: No, that was meant to be tomorrow.  And tomorrow and tomorrow...

gel wrote: Norman!  You rang? Or was that another delivery driver, who didn't get the last minute cancellation message, at the door?

gel wrote: Just ordered the LG 65E6V OLED and the Samsung k8500 Blu Ray player from John Lewis!  *clapping* Tune in for next week's tragi-comic episode, only on whathifi.com

jonathanRD wrote: The answer was unequivocal - replace the Apollo with the Saturn R. £1598 plays £598: figures why such advice would be beneficial, but to whom?

Mawa wrote: And those headphones are unfortunately not availible in my country (Sweden). Thanks Thomann will ship to Sweden no problems: http://www.thomann.de/gb/phil_jones_pjb_h_850.htm