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Hey People


I bought a dac from maplin this week as a temporary thing till I uprgrade everthing properly.  But I'm having problems getting the Dac to work.

Drive makes a loud and annoying buzzing sound when playing discs to the point where its only silent if I sit it vertically. Is it o. Its way out or is there a simple solution

Lets say I had the money for such things what would be the best route.

Got some films on my s3 and want to watch it through my blu ray player like you would plug a normak usb stick in but it dorsnt seem to be seeing it. Any ideas?

Read about this the other day, all these formats sound good but just a bit odd seen as though most TV is still SD let alone HD. Thoughts anyone?

Feedback on the website doesn't sound so good. I was holding out for an upgrade on the touch seems now that they have dropped it all together. Might go with CA after all

Looked at the CA first when I realised I wanted a streamer but it didn't have gapless playback.


I would like some advise on a cheapish temporay DAC to go with my sony s370 blu ray and Denon2310. Havent got a list yet so suggetions would be helpful.