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I am going to stick with the old app for now having seen a few bad reviews, anyone used it yet, what are your thoughts? 

Anyone else having problems using Spotify via the Sonos application? The music is skipping, stopping and the following error messages are being displayed:-

"Insufficient bandwith"

Well, just sold my Rega DAC (after 1 year) which was partnered with my Sonos zp90.

I have recently had to reformat my hard drive and consequently have lost a few bookmarks.


Picked up a pair of used ATC SCM19's, thought I'd give them a go as I've always wanted to compare the PMC's against a quality pair of standmounts. 

Just downloaded and installed, superb. Better than using the duet controller.

These can now be had for under £40, were over £250. Just ordered mine.

I am really happy with my system, however ,I have never tried a decent pair of standmount speakers in my room (4m by 4.5m).