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Hello everyone! I am thinking about adding a Rotel RA-1570 integrated for stereo dutys to my setup, now if anyone could tell me what sound signature does it have?

If some one had a listen to them please share your thoughts! I'm very interested in the new Silver 6 and 8, they look very sexy...

So 3 weeks ago i got my shiny new 46w905 and heard about the promotion for free xperia z phone, sent all the stuff in a registerd letter to claim it the next day!

Hi everybody! I'm desperate for some help! Recently i sold my Monitor Audio BX5.1 set up.

so after a few days of running in my new dac i noticed some very small crackling noise in the right chanel but it would be best noticed when a tune is fadeing out at the end or at the start when it

Hey, just wondering what 3D AV receiver would go with the above home theater speaker set up!