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I can't help but think the 2 meter range on this IR remote is so extremely crippling it must be a fault...

It's less than 24 hours and I've preordered something I know I will use, cherish and enjoy... I've already had to defend me decision and had my outlook on life criticised.

Hi all,


I'm comtemplating buying a bluray player for my parents but the main use would probably be Lovefilm or iPlayer rather than Blurays.  Wifi is pretty much a must here...

Anybody had hands-on experience of this little gadget yet? There was a rather large delay in the release, but it appears to be in stock from some online retailers.

The new ps3 adapter has made a harmony remote a lot more attractive...


I've been swaying very closely to the Panasonic 46G10 of late -- especially seeing as there was deal on at dixons for £750 - which I managed to miss.. I don't wanna spend £900 on a television.