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Can someone link me a music player that can play , mp3,mp4a,alac and flac.

i would also want to read my 262gb music collection of a 500gb external harddrive and work with no internet. 

I have a denon1909 av amp and 5 months ago the hdmi out stopped working. 

I went and bought a yamaha 673 so its sitting upstairs problem being my upstairs tv is hdmi only

I have a 1 tb hardrive attacthed and have maxed it out 95 films in mkv and immover moon nice artwork the lad and the mrs easliy can navigate there way round it. 

All working fine went out for 45 mins and came to to blank picture. I have tried 3 hdmis ect.

I have no idea what to look for what to spend. Or if to build one.

All i want to do is cod ghosts, titan falls when they come out 

I am playing films through a wd tv live streaming and the last 2 films somewhere in the middle i get a loud a buzzing noise from the right speaker i then swap input and swap back and all is fine.

I want to create a budget hifi setup along side my homecinema and then upgrade that over time.

I have made a copy of my alac files to acc and it just shows 2 of everything how do tell itunes just to show me the alac files and not both

many thanks simon


I am using foobar and love the app monkeymotehd as it shows the lyrics i take it the ipad sonos app can show lyrics.

I have a western digital my book live nas with 228gb of alac files (cds ripped in itunes), and then 34gb of amazon and itunes music purchases.