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I wonder if DTS will provide an Atmos alternative??

In previous discussions on the Antimode, I’ve always been a bit skeptical as I really didn’t like the idea of Analogue->Digital->Analogue conversion.  I thought that too much information woul

Seriously…where are all the Atmos speaker announcements?

So has anyone tried REW?


Did it improve the sound, when compared to your Auto-calibration?

So with Dolby Atmos receivers just around the corner, I can't help but start to think about some speaker questions.


Would you be adding ceiling speakers?


I've been told many a time that the best crossover frequency for HT is 80hz.

So being completely unable to find anywhere in a reasonable distance that could demo the lx87 and a3030 I decided to just go for it and buy the lx87 on a 7 day return basis as that was the cheaper

I'm looking at buying either a Ymaha 3030 or Pioneer LX87 to go with my CM8,CMC & CM1 speaker package.


Cirrus Logic is taking over Wolfson Microelectronics.


What a shame Sad

Any EX Onkyo 905 owners out there?


If so, what receiver did you move to afterwards and was it an improvement?