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Hello.For the WHF team; was this cable reviewed  with a Bi Wire configuration ie 2/4  plugs or single wire with the 4 conductors bunched into a 2/2 configuration?



Hi all.I am able to play music content stored on my 500gig 2.5in external drive when plugged into the front usb port of my Onkyo 818 but get a "no storage" message when I plug it into the rear usb

Hi all.A lot of people on blu ray forums are complaining about severe lip sync issues with the said blu ray,more so on Amazon,with some people even returning the disc.I got my copy today and sure e

Hi.Im up grading from the Onkyo 608 and am torn between these two!.Im using B&W 684s as front speakers.Im leaning towards the Yamaha because of its 4k passthrough ,which the 818 doesnt have (fu

Hi all.Any suggestions on the best interconnect between Marantz KI Pearl Lites with B&W 684 Speakers?Will the QED Performance Audio 2 cable be sufficient or should I spend a bit more?

This one is aimed straight at the What Hifi team.I am using a Rotel ra 04se but I want to buy Arcams AVR 400 for movies and music.Should I keep the Rotel or will the Arcam at the very least sound a

Hi all.I am looking for any reviews on the ONKYO CS5VL CD Player,anyone?

Hi all.Due to currency exchange rates in my country and widely differing supplier/dealer practices,the Audiolab 8200A amplifier is only 140 pounds Sterling more expensive than the RotelRA05 SE.Now,

Hi all.I am about to purchase one of the new generation of Samsung 3D Plasma screens.My question is,what is useful life of a plasma screen?I have heard and read stories of plasmas losing their brig