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As all my sources are separate boxes (Freesat now tv etc) that just send video by hdmi to my and as I get such poor so poor freeview signal (oak tree issue) that I have not even bother connecting m

I have bought a pair of Fitear F111 earphones

I'd like to buy a new Apple iPod Touch 4th Gen (30 pin not the new lightning connection), does anyone know of reputable shops that still sell new Apple iPod Touch 4th Gen? Thank you. 

Got about £1,500 for a stereo digital music system and would be interested in any opinions on my shortlist:



System A (£981):

* Naim UnitiQute v1 (used) £736

Building a digital music system for a small music listening room and with a small system size (important to the mrs). Speakers will be Neat Iota. Just need Amp + Dac.

I enjoy the ease of listening to a wide variety of music through Deezer Premium Plus (320kbps) via Sonos but I am wondering if I could boost the sound quality of the Sonos Playbar feeds coming from

Just tried to check out the sony outlet and got this message:


The Sony store online is currently down for maintenance. We will be back online Tuesday, 1st of April 2014.

From Asda direct until 28th February I think if my memory is right you use both codes (yes both can be used for the same purchase) as listed in the special offers section of the description: http:/

As you can see from my signature I've just put together a Sonos 5.0 home cinema set up (Sonos Playbar + 2x Play 1) but I haven't had time to properly test it out.

I had the Sonos App on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 working perfectly then all of a sudden it won't find my Sonos kit at all (iphone, ipad and ipod touch all still work).