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There was an earlier thread about whether the new Benchmark DAC 2 HGC is a new reference.

A recent UK hifi mag review of the Cambridge Audio (CA) Stream Magic 6 said that in order to get an improvement over the CA, it would be necessary to spend more and possibly get the MF Clic.

The new NAD M50 network player looks interesting - CD ripping & playback, USB inputs, Internet radio, streaming and high-res downloads without using a computer.


Having recently acquired a brand new pair of Spendor SP 1/2R speakers at a bargain price (because they've been replaced by the SP 1/2R2) , I'm now in the market for suitable amplification.

Hello everyone, I'm currently considering a new streaming device and have narrowed it down to the Clic from Musical Fidelity or the Stream Magic 6 from Cambridge Audio.

Hello everyone, I'm considering the purchase of the NAD C565 BEE CD player, mainly because it has USB and optical inputs to access its internal DAC.

Hello everyone,


There's a current thread on whether anyone has tried the new Musical Fidelity M1 DAC and whether  it would be a decent upgrade over the Cambridge Audio DACMagic.

Hi guys

Has anyone tried pairing the Naim Uniti with Neat Petite SX speakers? If yes, your views would be very welcome. Thanks in advance.