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Hi guys, i miss having a cd player as sometimes my airport express and wireless streaming setup lets me down, i want the option again of using a cd.

Hi, I know that biworing shouldnt really make much if any improvement, perhaps a slight one as you end up getting rid of those nasty blanking plates.

Also i cant remember how tight they need to be in??? its a project debut 3 tt

Hi, im not sure if im doing something wrong but ive got the cartridge an ortofon 2m red connected up but when i try and counterbalance it with the weight it wont do it as it needs to be far back an

Hiya, well ive finnaly got round to ordering a new cartridge for my project debut 3 TT after a year and a bit of using the factory fitted jobby, ive gone for the ortofon 2m red as this seemed like

Hiya, i dont think i can just put sand in them as the stands arent all one peice but actually made up of 3 different oblong shaped peices connected to the floor panel and the top speaker panel....

Hi, im thinking of upgrading my paper record sleeves with the antistatic plastic ones. Could anyone point me in the direction of some good ones?

Many Thanks, Simon.

Hi dudes, decided to take the leap and sell the cd player and get into the world of streaming music, i did a quick vid on youtube of how i set it up just incase anyone on here has been thinking abo