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i have a yamaha BD-S1900 when i play the tron blue-ray disc it freezes on chapter 13 but when i skip to chapter 14 it plays,i thought it might be a faulty disc so i replaced it but the same thing h

when you buy a new car isn't it time these system's are tested?

hi everyone,i have a yamaha RX-V 1065 amplifier which would be the best floorstanders to match this unit.I've don,t know  weather to go for the B&W 685 PLEASE HELP

i regulary have a trip to tesco's to buy my shopping,but i also buy blue ray disc;s and have brought my pannasonic 42' plasma that was recomended by what hifi.I've noticed there selling QED hdmi,sp

i have a yamaha rx-v1065 i'd like to use my KEF eggs 2002.2's as front presence speakers but i need some advice on some floorstanders please


my girlfriend asked me if i could recomend some headphones for her ipod.

just brought a yam 1065 with yam 1900 and yds 12 for my ipod i already have kef 2005.2 i got back in 2005 i want to upgrage the speaker i hve £1000-2000 to spend can you give me some advice please