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i have a 1065 with brx5 bi wired using chord carnival they sound amazing with QED micro feeding some CWT160 ceiling speakers with the chord cable at £6 a metre and 500 strand at half the price...

i have a 1065 pure direct only uses front L/R speakers

i auditioned the 1010 at a superfy store last week the guys said exactly the same the yamaha is both good with music & movies,the MA speakers will complement the yamaha,i have a 1065 with brx5...

try the cyrus 6a or the naim nait 5i i listened with some marx6's if its base your after then these could be a possibility

try PMC DB1i's brilliant detail 26cm's high £1095

if you have £1500 pounds to spend try the naim nait 5i amp i listened to this with PMC's and sounded perfect

I recomend taking your list to a reconised hifi dealer and listen to all the componants thats the only way i think is how to decide,also read reviews have alook on page 29 whathifi for best buys.

if you have VIERA link on your remote try changing viera link controll too 'home cinema' and speaker selection also too home cinema see if tht works

hi rick,have updated recent firmware from yamaha site.i also went into settings and erased all the content on the usb stick and found this has cured the problem thanks

i have a yamaha BD-S1900 when i play the tron blue-ray disc it freezes on chapter 13 but when i skip to chapter 14 it plays,i thought it might be a faulty disc so i replaced it but the same thing...