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I will wait until the 27th, cheers guys.

Okay, so I will be sat about 1.8-2m away. How about I put it this way, if I gave you 850-900 pounds to buy a tv, what would you go and buy?

Cheers guys, just been to PC world to have a look and to my eye the Sonys and Panasonics seemed to be the best. They didn't have many plasmas in the store it was mainly led/lcd. There is too many...

What effect does processing rate have? Is there a difference between 100Hz , 400Hz and 800hz etc

Does anybody have any recommended models? Why are plasm as being discontinued?

Hi guys, I'm currently looking for a new Tv. My budget will be £850 max. I am looking for top notch picture quality. I watch a bit of blue ray, lots of films and football and sport in general, have...