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I'm serioulsy concidering it, i'm not sure what value it brings but there are plenty are reasons to not have one, not sure it would go down well with the kids though.


Anyone using a modded 105 in their system?

They seem to have a good following and was wondering if anyone had one or was thinking of doing so.

Thoughts appreciated.

Seriously need some new clothes for the summer as i havent bought much the recent years. Old printed t shirts look okay as they are as jaded as i but what about new?



I've spent  the last 2 evenings trying to work this media player thing out.


I downloaded the server and registered to myPex.


Anyone got pics of themselfs doing it  :grin:


Even Brucey on Strictly mentioned the new craze on saturday...


I have some that have clogged up with dust and need a clean. 

I presume i cant use a liquid, any ideas?

Switched on bit rate in iTunes to find some ripped CD's are 192kbps?





Can anyone recommend a free converter?