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Hi all. I am in the market for some new headphones and would like a little advice please. I will be using them whilst out walking mainly whilst listening to my iphone.

Hi all. A friend of mine is about to buy the above TV. The man at Currys told him it was great for HD TV but of course didnt tell him what he needed to do to get it.

Hi all. I'm after some classical music CD's. I would like modern recordings that have been put together to sound lovely on my kit.

I've been a subscriber to whathifi for aqround 6 years now.

Many of you helped with recommentdations on what to listen to and what went well with what and for that i think you all. Eventually i bought the Naim CD5si 5si amp and kudos X2 speakers.

Have got to a final shortlist for my Naim 5si cd and amp combo. They are KEF LS-50 and R100, Neat SX2 and kudos x2.

I've just bought some new Naim kit and it says it takes a long time to run in. How would you propose that i do this and how long will it take?

I have had a couple of demos recently and currently my choice is this.