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Just brought these headphones as I begin to foray into the headphone side of HIFI.

Hey all, 

Thought i would share my opinons regarding my latest system.

Hi everyone, It seems my love afair with expensive HiFi has come to an end (for the moment).

Hi everyone, I am looking to move to a cheaper active setup and was hoping you could help me shortlist active speakers under 1500 pounds.

Hey Guys i need some advice after a bit of a nightmare AND warning this is a bit of a long rant and a warning to steer well clear of a particular delivery company

Unfortunatly my Spendor SA1s had to be returned to the hifi dealer i brought them from as there were inaccuracies in the discription of their condition.

Hey Guys! As i may of mentioned in another thread i am in the process of downsizing my system. Having sold my Eclipse speakers and Kw550 amp i have been looking for a smaller system.

Any one heard or have any links to any reviews? Cheers!

Hey Guys, Unfortunatly due to a massive downsize in appartment and financial reasons i have (almost) sold my system and am now system less.