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I know its only entry level Marantz CD63 MK II, NAD 302, Mission 760i, Pro-Ject P1  

It could have been worse, you might have had to listen to Jeff Buckley (the alternative Justin Bieber).

Thanks guys, I've heard tons of jazz and never liked a single bit of it. I used to work in record shops and have jazz mad friends that play me stuff that I hate, it feels like torture having to...

Definitely not my cup of tea. I'm sure something will come along one day that will grab everyone by the throat and shake things up.

I still listen to rock music, still can't stand jazz or classical music. Given up on any decent music coming out in the future, I've heard nothing decent in the last 20 years. Modern music is so...


Thanks everbody, does anybdy have any recommendations? My room is 2.74 x 3.65 and I listen to rock music exclusively. I think I would like brighter speakers. Has anybody heard the Concept 20's?...

I went to a hi fi shop yesterday and I took along my Mission 760i's and the guy in the shop said that I woud have to buy B&W 800 series to hear a real difference, is this right? Thanks  

Thanks for the advice Musicraft.

I think Mission 760i's were the best value ever.