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The avr said to set at 5 volume which I guessed was correct. Changed to 80/150 and ybf sounds great. About time to test it on something better. Thanks for your help and for great speakers. 5 stars....

And are fronts set as small?  Thanks

Thanks for this. Setting up asap. What volume level shall I have it set at when to avr speaker setup?

Hi. I have the 2020i fronts, 2000ci centre, q-av rears and 7000s sub. What cross over setting should I have for the sub, av or can it be more specific?

Quick update. Dolby prologic 2 working thru denon avr2113 using arc from sky box. Thanks the reassurance !

Either or it will work for me. Cheers 

Great. Thanks for quick reply. Just got a bit confused with 7.1 av receivers etc. Just reading manual again for speakers but dont understand how this will make any difference, doing what you say...

Hi. I have the 2020i biwirable speakers and hopefully a den non avr1713 amp. As the amp is 5.1 only is it best to biwire the speakers to one output 2.5mm or just single wire a 4mm. 

Is it standard dpl? The spec on 1713 doesn't state it but dies on higher models