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Having recently posted about suffering from excessive brightness with my new audiolab 8000p and Icon audio La4 preamp combo and having spoken to David Shaw who recommended speakers with soft dome t

I just got an audiolab 8000p and an icon audio la4mk3 preamp, the combo is great but I am experiencing some vocal sibliance especially for female vocalists....its a disaster because I mainly listen

well my cayin purchase didnt go through as the dealer cant be bothered to get me one, shame on him. Anyway, found an audiolab 8000p online and was wondering how it sounds in general?

So I placed an order for the Cayin H-80, my dear dealer picked out the oppurtunity to inform me that Cayin has just launched a new 150 watt Class A B amp called Cayin M 3.2 S :wall: .

I thought it would be a good idea (or a really stupid one) to share our experiences on cables so that it may benefit hi-fi newbies (like myself) so that they know where to spend more money.

I recently took a trip to Singapore where they have a whole mall dedicated to hi-fi. Prices vary from UK, some brands are much much cheaper but some are more expensive.